Faahac Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Litter 2006

Faahac Fumbaa Aan N'Gai

Midland Counties Ch Show 25.10.07, Judge Chris Nutall: At 14 months is nicely maturing and a well angulated dog. Excellent in head with good ear carriage and correct length and depth of muzzle. Decent length of neck flowing into powerful shoulders with correct layback. Excels in front assembly and depth of chest. Strong over loin. Good tight feet with correct amount of white as given by KC breed standard. Movement was steady and strong. 1st in Junior.

RR Club of Great Britain 23.09.07, Judge Janet Parker: Tall dog with strong head and clean neck, good bone, feet and quarters, deep brisket, correct red wheaten. Movement was sloppy. 1st in Junior.

Driffield Ch show 20.09.07, Judge Sue Finnett: At 13 months old he is already up to size and well off for bone. Another of the deeper coloured dogs, he presents a picture of strength and athleticism. Masculine head with good strong jaw. Muscular neck rubbing into good shoulder with good depth of chest and length of body. He has powerful well angulated hindquarters giving great drive and easy ground covering stride. Coming and going he moved very well too. I was pleased to award him BD and BOB. Best Dog and BOB.

City of Birmingham Canine Association 31.08.07, Judge Julie Bates: Masculine head, excellent depth of body, good bone and tight feet, would like a little more length of loin which could lengthen his stride. 1st in Junior.

Bournemouth Ch show 13.08.07, Judge Frank Kane: 12 month old, excellent depth of body, correct ribcage, clean masculine head, good bone and feet. Not quite the firmness over croup of 1 yet but at 12 months he is full of promise. 2nd in Junior.

Hound Association Ch show 04.08.07, Judge Liz Cartledge: 11 month old, very masculine outlook, typical head, dark eyes, strong body, deep chest, ample bone, not the length of stride of 1. 2nd in Junior.

East of England Ch show 17.07.07, Judge Pamela Mottershaw: Promising and very attractive well made puppy with much to admire, shows plenty of quality in all departments with lovely head, eye and expression. Good body and bone for age and is maturing along nice lines and should finish well. Moved out steadily with confidence and drive covering the ground well. One to watch. 1st Puppy Dog.

Midlands & Northern 35th Anniversary Ch show 14.07.07, Judge Mrs Sue Simper: Well boned 11 months red wheaten. Good front and feet. Good depth of rib, straight topline, well bent stifle, strongly made all through. Strong masculine head with somewhat bold eye giving him a rather hard expression which just lost him first place. Moving soundly coming and going. Another promising pup. 2nd Puppy Dog.

Windsor Ch show 01.07.07: Masculine and handsome young dog, very sensible character. Good head, good strong neck, very good shoulder layback, excellent bone and feet. Good topline, well muscled quarters. Free purposeful mover.

Blackpool Ch Show 23.06.07, Judge Denys Simpson: Good head and expression. Nice length of neck onto well laid shoulders. Nice deep chest. Nice ridge and crowns. Nice quarters with good turn of stifle. 1st Puppy Dog.

Border Union Ch Show 16.06.07, Judge Jean Blandford: Strong neck onto well laid shoulders. Good legs and feet. Moves truly with strong quarters. 1st Puppy Dog.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of GB 10.06.07, Judge Ted Goodship: Masculine head and expression nice width across front, well laid shoulder Good length to upper arm, topline, well ribbed, good width over hips, well muscled, moved well. 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Show.

Midlands and Northern RR Club open show, 24.03.07, Judge Mrs Sue Pollock Yule: 7 mths quality puppy, very good head and expression, good front with well filled fore chest. Correct topline with excellent depth and spring of rib. Strong quarters with drive and the best front movement here. Close up for BP - just lost out on maturity. 1st Minor Puppy Dog.

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